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an imperfect guide to organic mothering

When two college roommates reconnect after twenty years and find themselves both pregnant with baby girls, nothing could seem more blissful.

That is, until they actually HAVE the babies.

Cue Momlandia: a strange universe that looks nothing like moms of Instagram. Braless, sleepless, and covered with milk, these friends fight for their pre-baby sanity the best way modern moms know how—one text message at a time.


Because let’s get real. What new mom has time for a phone call?

Together, they wade through the strange vortex of momlife, navigating GMO-sized body parts, tangled breast pumps, and sudden-onset husband hatred. Where is the glitter-filled Momtopia they were marketed? Strapping on their belly bands and pulling up their postpartum panties, these BFFs guzzle coffee and kale in search of organic motherhood. Hand-churning flax muffins while fighting their own muffintops, surely they can become the selfless, maternal saints they’d envisioned themselves to be. Or can they? When their letdowns are a letdown, these moms’ raw batter meets the road without any sugar-coated fluff.  

To all those “natural” moms in search of perfection, we hail you, one momguilt, mombod, momfail at a time.

This book should be required reading for all expectant mothers. It's perfect for all moms but a MUST for first-timers. It’s the real deal of what to expect after your delivery, so there are fewer surprises from misguided expectations. I applaud Jen & Sam for unapologetically sharing everything.  Their frank accounts brought on all the very real feels: joy and vulnerability, but also the comfort to know I wasn’t alone on this life-altering journey.  Thank you, ladies, for this book. I know many other women will benefit from having laughed, cried, and cheered right along with you.

Alison Jordan, TV Host


This book just took me right back to those early first months of motherhood. As a mom we desperately need this kind of comic relief and that comradery of knowing that we are all just winging it. One of the most challenging parts of the transition into motherhood is that Illusive ideal we keep striving for and as I was reading this, I felt so much lighter realizing that parenting is a circus for every mother it seems. I would recommend any person considering having children to read this for two reasons. First reason would be so that they know the actual day to day so they can get a glimpse of what is coming. The second reason is to realize that even though it’s going to feel like insanity, realize that it’s a universal experience. This was cathartic and I couldn’t stop laughing throughout.  

NADIA ALI  / Grammy-Nominated Singer + Songwriter

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